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Hello! Carmen Williams is a Spiritual Health and Wellness Certified Master Life Coach, two time Author, Owner and CEO of Designz for you fabulous jewelry company. Carmen Williams was born and raised in Akron Ohio, she graduated from The University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Minor in Women Studies. Carmen believes being empowered means being determined, confident and fearless. Carmen became a Master Health and Wellness Life Coach because she believes that our body is a vessel and we should have a loving, and healthy relationship with it inside and outside. Carmen believes being stuck is not an option!

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Carmen Williams is your life coach let’s work together to get you moving creating healthier lifestyles that you can live and maintain. Your purpose is waiting on you!


Author | Life Coach | Speaker

Life Coaching can help you with making healthy decisions to achieve and receive your heart desire goals…

 I see Coaching as a unique opportunity to be with another human being who wants to be committed to living a healthy fulfilling life.

Transform Your Vision into Your Strength

Carmen became a Certified Zumba Instructor and Fitness Instructor because she knows that the greatest joy in life is to serve others, she strives to grow and strengthen her community she believes health is wealth and to her that means you must take time to nurture yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually. Carmen loves helping people create healthy lifestyles that they can live and maintain, maintaining it is the key. She enjoy sitting down and hearing people’s hearts and their desires and coaching them to walk boldly in their purpose, it’s an unexplainable joy she admits she gets.

Master Life Coach... Perceive, Receive and Believe.

Helping people understand what their challenges are in life.

Life Coaching can help you with making healthy decisions.

Change will happen once you accept it can be done in your life.

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Pursue your dream without considering people, because people will tell you, you can’t do something just because they can’t do it themselves or they are afraid to. If you got a dream, you gotta pursue it. I have learned it’s important who I tell my dreams to because everyone doesn’t have good intentions and they aren’t always for you, learn to be your biggest supporter and cheerleader, be courageous and stand up and pursue what you desire for you. Surround yourself with people who have positive energy and create your own positive energy. Let it flow through your mind creating brilliant ideas, I encourage you to embrace the idea that your potential to succeed is infinite.   

Coach Carmen Williams empowering the multitude. 

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