15 Steps To Bounce Back

It’s not failure that destroys confidence it’s not getting back up and trying again. Get back up and swing the bat again and keep swinging it until you hit it ball out the park… Start swinging!

  1. Get ready to bounce back, get in position 
  2. Take daily steps out of your comfort zone if you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results 
  3. Expect your gonna bounce back
  4. Speak it into the atmosphere 
  5. Get plenty of rest and sleep 
  6. Be bold about what you want
  7. Know your strengths and weakness  
  8. Expect to be successful
  9. Trust your capabilities
  10. Know that you can be happy alone
  11. Find out what makes you look confidence
  12. Walk in authority God gave it to you so walk like it                          
  13. Find more reasons to smile
  14. Dress in a way that compliments you
  15. Have an attitude that you already won 
  16. Don’t be afraid to ask for what your worth go ahead ask for it

Carmen William Health and Wellness Life Coach