I understand that I was created to be unique
I’m comfortable with who I am
I know my purpose in life
My intuition guides me
I don’t hold grudges, I release and forgive quickly
I know when to let go
I surround myself with positive people
I’m not afraid to say no
I’m not afraid to receive my blessings
I truly enjoy life
I find reasons to laugh
I’m not afraid to try
I’m not afraid to fail
I have smart goals
I find it easy to forgive others and myself
I know my past has shaped and molded me to be who I am today
I understand that in order to be successful I have to keep moving forward and have a positive mindset
I understand that procrastination is an excuse
I understand that if someone shows me who they are I must believe it
I understand that I was created for a reason
I care about me
I understand that I must take time out for me
I take time to care for me mentally, physically and emotionally
I know that God is to be first always in my life
Master Health and Wellness Life Coach and Author Carmen Williams
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